How Plan a Bad Apple Watch App: Bustle Knows

You would think that by now, developers would know what people are looking for in an Apple Watch app. They want interactivity, usefulness, and entertainment. When Bustle announced it was releasing a companion to its app for the Apple Watch, …

Final Fantasy 15’s invincible armour now looks less like Power Rangers

Final Fantasy 15 players can finally clad themselves in the game’s long-awaited invincibility armour – after a redesign to make it look less like the Power Rangers.

Here are Square Enix’s initial designs, which were criticised by fans upon their …

The Pokémon Anime’s Timing Was Perfect For Breaking News 

When news breaks in Japan, text is directly inserted into broadcast shows so viewers can stay up to date on what’s happening. During last Thursday episode of Pokémon Sun Moon, news did break. The way it coincided with the …

London is getting another dockless bike rental service

Competition over putting bums on the seats of rental bikes is hotting up in London, with Mobike today announcing an expansion of its dockless service into the capital in September. The company will start by parking 750 bikes around the …

‘Insecure’ Recap: Lawrence Makes His Final Decision About Issa (Allegedly)

Premiere Of HBO's 'Insecure' - Arrivals

Source: Barry King / Getty

You remember how last week’s episode of Insecure ended, right? You know, Issa and Lawrence did that impulsive hot sex thing? Yup. Well, of course Issa told her girl, Molly, what happened. However, she’s not

Editing Your Dating Profile To Attract Serious Partners

Just like you’re scrutinizing the profile of every man who likes your page, sends you a wink, is a match or catches your attention online, men are doing the same to your page. Have you ever loved a guy’s online …

HomePod Firmware Reveals Further Details on Apple’s Smart Speaker – Mac Rumors

Mac Rumors
HomePod Firmware Reveals Further Details on Apple’s Smart Speaker
Mac Rumors
You mean like the iPad that’s been highly successful with the recent launch back in June, the Apple Watch that’s been highly successful, not to mention the

Anki’s Wall-E-like Cozmo robot will trick you into thinking it’s actually alive

Cozmo and block
The first time I turned on Cozmo, the toy’s blinking blue, surprisingly emotive eyes stared up at me with a look of digital wonder, while the Disney’s Wall-E-like robot rolled off its charging platform, turned to the left and started

Microsoft is bringing the Windows Dev Center to Android [APK Download]

If you’re a Windows developer, you’ll be familiar with the Dev Center, an invaluable tool for monitoring your apps. The personalized dashboard tracks key performance and health data so you can maintain any apps you have in the Windows Store. …

Discovery Agrees To Pay $14.6B For Scripps Networks Interactive

The company behind Shark Week just caught a whale: Discovery Communications has agreed to pay $14.6 billion in stock and cash for Scripps Networks Interactive, the programmer best known for HGTV, the Food Network, and the Travel Channel.
The …