Trump creepily drags Ivanka on stage and says she calls him ‘daddy.’ Twitter barfs.

Donald Trump took time out of his tax reform speech in North Dakota to call up his 35-year-old daughter/West Wing advisor Ivanka Trump and emphasize that she calls him “daddy.”

“Sometimes they’ll say, you know, he can’t be that bad …

Taylor Swift’s New Track Is Not Good: Listen To “…Ready For It?”

Taylor's Target Editions Of 'Reputation'
Taylor Swift reveals the elaborate Target editions of new album, ‘Reputation.’

Say what you like about Taylor Swift, but she has an impeccable ear for pop. From “Love Story” on, the 27-year-old …

Is Moviegoing Dead? Lessons Learned From The Worst Summer At The B.O. In Over A Decade

There’s been a lot of crying out there over how this summer was the worst in 11 years, logging an estimated $3.78 billion. But there is a positive takeaway from this mess: Moviegoing habits aren’t broken. That’s right.
The lack …