Are You Ready for Apple Watch Hermès


[pullquote]The Apple Watch Hermès is identical to the current stainless steel Apple Watch collection model. The only difference is Hermès branding on the back.[/pullquote]Are You Ready for Apple Watch Hermès? First if you are wondering what Hermès is, we can help. Hermès is a Paris-based luxury leather fashion brand. They have been around since 1837. When Thierry Hermès founded the company, I’m sure he had no idea they would have over a dozen divisions, including perfume, tableware, and jewelry, and has retail outlets. Apple is trying to make the Apple Watch not just a toy for the tech crowd by also a luxury brand in its own right. Enter Apple Watch Hermè. This is the first time that Apple has entered into a direct partnership with a fashion company. The Apple Watch Hermès combines stainless steel, sapphire crystal and luxury leather.

The Apple Watch Hermès collection has three bands styles and several colors that vary by size. The only software difference is special clock faces designed by Apple based on Hermès branding. You can buy the Apple Watch Hermès starting tomorrow but only at select retail locations in select cities. The Apple Watch Hermès is not going to be cheap. Each one is over the price of the Apple Watch Spot. Single Tour: $1100, Double Tour: $1250 and for the Cuff: $1500,


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