Flight Simulator's next World Update will work its makeover magic on the UK in January

Flight Simulator has only just released its latest World Update, this one giving the USA’s most iconic landscapes some much-needed attention, but already developer Asobo is talking about its next round of planetary enhancements, confirming it’ll be upgrading the …

Fall Guys Reveals Inevitable Season 3 Theme In Laborious Manner

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you’ll likely have noticed it’s getting chillier. That’s because of a global phenomenon called “winter”. Winter, as they said on the popular soap opera Game Of Thrones, will be popping its icy head around …

Crusader Kings III's New Ruler Designer Is, Ahem, Very Nice

Crusader Kings III got a free update this week, introducing a new “ruler designer” that lets you completely customise the leader you begin the game with. From their beards to their sexuality to their statistics.

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B. Simone Would ‘Rather Be Comfortable Than Cute, But Her Foot Action Collection Is Both!

B. Simone Foot Action Collaboration

Source: Foot Action / Foot Action

Influencer B. Simone has been securing her bag all quarantine long and we love to see it! From the launch of her co-working space along best friend and manager Mz Skittlez to being tapped

How To Peacefully Co-Exist With Your Co-Parent’s New Partner

An African girl is hugging her mother on a Christmas day.

Source: Georgijevic / Getty

Co-parenting can be challenging on a regular day, but when you factor romantic partners into the equation, the complexities of raising children together can multiply. Stereotypes lead us to believe that if there is an ex-wife …

Keke Palmer Won’t Confirm If She’s In An Interracial Relationship, But If She Is, “That Doesn’t Define Or Invalidate My Blackness”

Keke Palmer boyfriend

Source: STEVEN FERDMAN / Getty

Keke Palmer says whom one, as in herself, dates doesn’t determine or nullify their Blackness.

The 27-year-old shared this in a new interview with EXTRA‘s Rachel Lindsay, who can relate as the first …

Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Apparently Set To Spend Thanksgiving Together

The 45th Daytime Emmy Awards

Source: Apega/WENN.com / WENN

Things may be over between her and Nayvadius Wilburn, but Lori Harvey’s future is looking quite promising. According to TMZ, the 23-year-old stepdaughter to actor and comedian Steve Harvey was spotted Wednesday landing in her …

Healthy Ways To Satisfy Late-Night Cravings

cravings late night food

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If you think you crave unhealthy foods at night because you’re just a naughty eater, it’s actually not your fault. Your circadian system was designed to make you crave all things sweet, salty, and starchy …

The Best And Worst Fabrics For Your Health This Winter

winter clothing for women

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With those winter temperatures creeping in, you’re probably finding yourself at that awkward phase of trying to piece together outfits that will keep you warm against a chill without making you uncomfortable, sweaty, or itchy. The …