Bit Soccer Brings 8-Bit Action to the Apple Watch

If you enjoy those old school 8-bit video games and your a fan of soccer (or football as it’s know outside of the US), you’ll want to check out Bit Soccer. It’s a little bit of soccer on your Apple Watch. But you won’t be doing any kicking, goal defending, or trying to get a ball into a goal. Bit Soccer is an endless runner on a soccer field.

There is no complication for Bit Soccer, though you can place it in your Dock for quick access. There is not much need to ever open the app on your iPhone, you go there to check out your ranking on the leaderboard. Bit Soccer is a purely Apple Watch game.

Before you begin playing, you turn the Digital Crown to choose your team and your opponent: FCB (Barcelona)-RMD (Madrid), ATM (Malaysia)-RMD, ATM-FCB, FCB-ATM, RMD-ATM, or RMD-FCB. Tap the screen to begin gameplay. Your player begins running automatically. Your goal is to avoid running into other players and grab trophies along the way. The game helpfully places red exclamation points on the field just before an opposing player appears there. Turn the digital crown to avoid hitting your opponent. This get tricky quickly, when multiple exclamation points appear. Maneuvering between two players is hard, too hard for me to manage. But I’m not a skilled gamer; experience endless runners would fare better than I did.

This is not a meaty game that you’ll spend hours playing. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal of quick and simple pick up and play games for your Apple Watch, you’ll want to add Bit Soccer to your collection. The graphics are colorful, adorable and retro. The app is snappy and smooth. It’s easy to figure out, gameplay is fast. Play an entire game in less than a minute.

Bit Soccer is free now on the App Store.

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