FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II Combo

FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II ComboNot much bigger than the CR123-sized RCR123A high discharge rate battery that comes with it, the everyday carry-suitable FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II packs way more punch than many far larger flashlights. The integrated Cree XM-L2 emitter and included battery allow the flashlight to achieve an output of a staggering 1,020 lumens on its highest setting, and switches through high, medium, low, and moonlight mode (of 0.8 lumens) with subsequent twists of its head. It also includes a 2-way pocket clip and a detachable keyring attachment point to ensure you don’t lose the tiny torch in your pockets.

Hit up FourSevens to grab one – $60 [via]

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