The Realities Of Vacationing With Richer Friends couples having a picnic on the beach, backlit, close up

No matter how well-rounded your friend group is, and how many corners of the world are represented in your circle, you have to admit there is one demographic that …

Glucose Monitor Smart Band Possibly Forthcoming

BGR reports that an upcoming Apple Watch is set to include some game-changing health features, possibly in the form of interchangeable ‘smart bands’ with various functions. Foremost among the possibilities is an Apple Watch smart band that functions as a …

Apple is working on contactless sensor for measuring blood sugar with Apple Watch or smart bracelet

Apple intends to add “smart” watch Apple Watch features that will allow you to control the condition of the body of the user. In particular, the company plans to use the device to help in the treatment of diabetes. It …

You should probably update EVERY Apple device you own, and this is why –
You should probably update EVERY Apple device you own, and this is why
Apple last night pushed-out software updates for all of its major device categories, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac and Apple Watch. The latest

M-550 Pro Paracord Bug Out Frag

M-550 Pro Paracord Bug Out FragIt’s shaped like a hand grenade just for kicks. Where the M-550 Pro Paracord Bug Out Frag really shines is in survival situations. First of all, unravelling it gets you 45 feet total of high quality 550 paracord — 30 feet camo …

Hands-on: HTC U11 brings something fresh to the table [VIDEO]

HTC announced the HTC U11 earlier today, and it’s everything we’d been expecting since rumors about the thing started rolling out. Join us as we take a deeper look into this beaut.…

W|W: The Wearable Weekly – Magic Leap eyes an $8 billion valuation

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HTC U11 hands-on: HTC gets a little closer to the mark


After the thoroughly underwhelming and slightly weird U Ultra, it’s safe to say many HTC fans have been waiting for a “return to form” sort of product from the struggling smartphone manufacturer. While the U11 isn’t what I’d call …