In China, nationalist rhetoric of “switch to Huawei” gaining traction

South China Morning Post:

“There is a calling from my heart that I need to show support for Chinese brands, especially in the trade war climate,” said the manager at one of China’s largest solar module manufacturers. When the time

UN study finds female voice assistants reinforce harmful stereotypes

For the record, the appropriate response to being called a slut isn’t, “I’d blush if I could.” But that’s what Siri is programmed to say. According to a report by the United Nations, the fact that most voice assistant are …

China could hurt Apple profits by 29% if it avenged the Huawei ban, says analyst

Trump’s Huawei ban was bad news for China, as it effectively crippled the world’s second-largest smartphone maker from its largest source of income. But China is also very much in a position to retaliate, and Apple – the world’s third-largest …

Apple Stops Signing iOS 12.2, Downgrading from iOS 12.3 No Longer Possible

After the release of iOS 12.3 in the last week of April, Apple has now stopped signing iOS 12.2. This means if you have already upgraded to iOS 12.3, you won’t be able to downgrade back to iOS 12.2.


Apple’s second store in Taiwan will open soon in the Xinyi District of Taipei

In Taipei, Apple is putting the finishing touches on its second official Taiwanese retail store. After opening its first location on the island in 2017 at Taipei 101, Apple is expanding outdoors with an open pavilion at street level in …

Is Apple Finally Allowing Third-Party Faces?️

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But the H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp mechanical watch is a white-gold piece of $24,000 proof that high-end aping isn’t reserved for the likes of Apple and Samsung alone.

Aside from once again showing the need for third-party …

Apple Watch Is Selling Well

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AWsalesEvery 1 million Watches that are sold is worth about $475 million in revenue… While the direct impact from Watches is small when you look at Apple’s total finances it does add some incremental growth, sells some more iPhones and

watchOS 2.1 Updated

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osWatch2.1Apple has pushed watchOS 2.1 to Apple Watch owners and is now available to download via the Watch app on your iPhone.

watchOS 2.1 includes a variety of bug fixes to improve the performance as well as support for several …

What Your Apple Watch Really Says About You️

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Apple Watch fans skew male and gay, report says

Those are a couple of findings in a new report from analytics firm Infegy. The Kansas City, Mo.-based company studied social media conversations from April through September to better understand users

Google Hangouts on Apple Watch️

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Google Hangouts for iOS continues to improve with new features and more importantly bug fixes. Today, however, the app has been updated with Apple Watch support, giving users the ability the reply directly to messages, via quick reply, right on …