This headless robotic cat pillow will wag its way into your heart

Do you enjoy the sensation of petting a cat or dog, but hate the unconditional love and the fact that they have heads and limbs? Japanese company Yukai Engineering has unveiled the solution to this classic conundrum with Qoobo: a soft, round cushion with a robotic tail that reacts to strokes, just as a loving pet would.

“Tails: a communication tool that doesn’t require words,” the demo video begins. It goes on to show everyone who might find peace with the “cushion-tailed therapy robot”: young people living alone in immaculate apartments, children, the elderly. The process to healing is easy: just give it a good pat and watch the cushion’s tail wag softly in response. It’ll also wag and curl the tail on its own, via an accelerometer in the pillow.


Qoobo is expected to cost around $100 when it launches in June 2018. Like with its adorable Bocco robot that was delivered with Kickstarter, the company is hoping to launch Qoobo with the help of a crowdfunding platform, Engadget reports. It’ll have an eight-hour battery life with USB charging, and will come in two colors: husky gray and French brown.


Personally, I’m allergic to cats and I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, so Qoobo could be perfect for me. It also doesn’t fill your living room with litter box smell or try to eat things it will puke back up in an hour, so that’s Qoobo: 1, Real Cats: 0. Your move, cats.

Update: The Kickstarter is now live and already halfway to its ¥5,000,000 (around $44,000) goal. You can back one for around $88 now, and be in the loving embrace of a soft robot pillow by next year!