Vine comes to the Apple Watch️


Vine has officially launched its watchOS app today and gives wearers the ability to play short videos right on your wrist. For those who create Vines, you can add a complication that will show you exactly how many times your videos have been looped.

You may not remember, but the Vine Apple Watch app was actually demoed on stage during WWDC 2015, when Apple showed short-form video being played on the Watch. Now, almost 6 months later, the app has finally made its way in to the App Store, perhaps proving to some extent that developing an app for the Watch isn’t a huge priority for many developers, even Twitter.

Still, the concept of short-form video on the wrist is interesting as I’ve suggested before. Since Vine videos last no longer than 6 seconds, the wrist may prove to be a great place to consumer such entertainment. I still think that if video is going to succeed on the wrist, it needs to be short. Like 3 seconds short.

Seriously, where are you Snapchat?

Via: watchaware

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