Tim Cook Reportedly Testing Glucose Monitoring Device that Connects to Apple Watch

This article by Brent Dirks originally appeared on AppAdvice.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been seen wearing a device that continously monitors blood glucose level and connects to an Apple Watch. That’s according to a new report from CNBC

Minecraft Switch owners report random screenshot issue

UPDATE 22/5/17: Minecraft: Switch Edition will no longer spam players with hundreds of automatically-taken screenshots.

A fresh patch delivered over the weekend has squashed the bug, and introduced the game’s Campfire Tales skin pack too.

Minecraft Switch Patch 2, as …

Apple Music trial is no longer free in some countries

Apple Music has adjusted its free trial in some countries, and we don’t quite know why. In order to land your three-month trial in Australia, Spain and Switzerland, you’ll be charged around 99 cents. We’re looking into how widespread the …

Black Congressman Threatened With Lynching After Calling For #45’s Impeachment

A Black Texas congressman that he’s been threatened with lynching by callers angry …

Foods To Avoid After A Workout

Bigstockphoto.com/African American Young Woman Enjoying A Healthy Snack At The Gym

If you go hard at the gym, then you probably come home ravenous and ready to eat everything in your kitchen. It’s similar to the feeling you had when …

Injustice 2 Mobile – Slimmed down superheroes [Game of the Week]

Injustice 2 Mobile Batman vs. Gorilla Grodd
To coincide with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of Injustice 2, Warner Bros. Interactive has also launched an accompanying free-to-play mobile version.

To its credit, Injustice 2 Mobile does do a fairly good job of emulating the console experience; the voices, visuals,

Chrome now uses Android O’s adaptive icons for home screen shortcuts

As you might know, Chrome for Android allows you to save websites on your home screen for easy access. This is especially useful for Progressive Web Apps, but works just as well for normal sites and web apps. The first …